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  ShangHai Lekoujian Industry Co., Ltd is an innovative technology company which takes technological innovation as the orientation. Our company is a modern-management company which combines products’ R&D, design, manufacture and marketing services. We have professional R&D team, marketing and service team...... MORE:>>


We advocate a healthy and fashionable lifestyle to change the bad health habits.

The New Transparent Mask LEKOO

leads to a new era of healthy living

      A breakthrough product, no selling in the current market

       Having leading idea, overturning the traditions

      Only design and prepare for you who are fastidious about the taste
              and pursue the fashion



Modern man attaches more and more importance to his health, and no longer has medical needs only because of illness, and the concept " Preventive Medicine " has been in people's minds. New style of flu has raged worldwide with millions of people infected and thousands of people killed. The new transparent healthy mask LEKOO is desgined for specific staff in service area...




The new transparent mask LEKOO is elaborately designed based on facial features, and has a good looks and lightweight. The stylish design is in line with contemporary pop characteristic that advoates changeable, novelty and self-display, and it is a unique personalized product in the market.Facial expressions such as smilling can be seen through the transparent mask to show...